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Quarterly Compliances
Caption Notice Period Download
Clause 35 - Shareholding Pattern Within 21 days from quarter end
Clause 41 - Financial Results Within 45 days from quarter end
Clause 49 - Corporate Governance Within 15 days from quarter end
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Within 30 days from quarter end
Enter Intimation date to Stock Exchange :   Enter BM/BC/RD Dates :       
  • BM - Board Meeting | BC - Book Closure | RD - Record Date
  • The gap between previous BC/RD and current BC/RD should not be less than 30 days
  • The company will recommend or declare all dividend and / or cash bonuses at least five days before commencement of the book-closure or record date fixed for the purpose
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Exchange Holidays ignored for calculating no. of days
Other Compliance Requirements : Compliance Clauses/Regulations
  Clause 16   –  Notice for Corporate Action
  Clause 19   –  Notice for Board Meeting to consider the prescribed matters
  Clause 20   –  Outcome of Board Meeting held under Clause 19
  Clause 20A –  Declaration of Dividend
  Clause 22   –  Credit of Bonus Shares
  Clause 30   –  Change in Directors/Auditors
  Clause 31   –  Submission of copies of Annual Report/Proceedings of AGM/EGM
  Clause 32   –  Disclosures in Annual Report/Change of name
  Clause 33   –  Amendment in Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  Clause 36   –  Disclosure of Price-Sensitive Information
  Clause 38   –  Listing Fees
  Clause 41   –  Notice for Board Meeting and other submissions w.r.t Financial Results
  Reg. 8 (3)   –  SEBI Takeover Regulations