Inter-connected Enterprises Limited.
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Inter-connected Enterprises Limited is a national-level stock exchange, providing trading, clearing, settlement, risk management and surveillance support to its Trading Members.ICEL incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in January - 1998. It has 791 Trading Members, who are located in 84 cities spread across 18 states. These intermediaries are administratively supported through the regional offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and Nagpur, besides Mumbai.

ICEL aims to address the needs of small companies and retail investors by harnessing the potential of regional markets, so as to transform them into a liquid and vibrant market using state-of-the art technology and networking.

ICEL has floated ISS Enterprise Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary under the policy formulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for “Revival of Small Stock Exchanges”. The policy enunciated by SEBI permits a stock exchange to float a subsidiary, which can take up membership of larger stock exchanges, such as the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE). ISS has been registered by SEBI as a Trading-cum-Clearing Member in the Capital Market segment and Futures & Options segment of NSE and Capital Market segment of BSE. Trading Members of ICEL can access NSE and BSE by registering themselves as Sub-brokers of ISS. Thus, the trading intermediaries of ISS can access other markets in addition to the ICEL market. ISS, thus provides the investors in smaller cities, a one-stop solution for cost-effective and efficient trading and settlement services in securities.

The Research Cell has been established with the objective of carrying out quality research on various facets of the Indian financial system in general and the capital market in particular.

It brings out a monthly newsletter titled "Capital Market at a Glance" and a monthly publication titled “V share”. Apart from monthly reports, it also circulates daily Newsletter named “I Financial Markets in Motions” and Techni-Trade. The Research Cell plans to expand its activities by publishing a host of value based research publications, covering a number of areas, such as equities, derivatives, bonds, mutual funds, risk management, pension funds, money markets and commodities. The ICEL Training Centre conducts class-room training programmes on different subjects related to the capital market, such as equities trading and settlement, derivatives trading, day trading, arbitrage operations, technical analysis, financial planning, compliance requirement, etc. Through these courses, the training centre provides knowledge to stock brokers, sub-brokers, professionals and investors to also appear for the certificate courses conducted by the stock exchanges.

It also aims to make and build the professional careers of MBAs, post graduates and graduates, with a view to enabling them to work effectively in securities trading, risk management, financial management, corporate finance disciplines or function as intermediaries (viz. stock brokers, sub-brokers, merchant bankers, clearing bankers, etc.)