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Thought for the day

Try to do something everyday that you don` t want to do. This golden rule will make you love what you are doing.
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In 13 years of our existence, we have our vision on becoming a significant player in stock trading in India. This, in turn gives rise to tremendous opportunities, learning, and growth. We need people who are interested in careers, not just jobs.

We consider people as sources and not just resources. Sources, which are passionate about growth, ethics, and values of the organization. In alignment with this, the Human Resource plays a very active role in energizing people growth and aligning competencies with the opportunities.

As a consequence of becoming a growth based organization, career growth and expansion no longer are dependent on titles and designations, but on results and competencies. Leadership and Learnability incidentally are two essential competencies that we seek. We want people becoming multi-skilled, not confined to a specific role.

We believe that if you have the promise and potential, you would be enthusiastic about being a part of Inter-connected Enterprises Limited.