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  Listed Companies
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Listing means admission of securities to dealings / trading on a Stock Exchange through an agreement. The objective of listing is to create liquidity and marketability to securities.
ICEL will provide a nation-wide trading facility for the companies listed on its Exchange, which will provide easy access to investors, easy access to capital, market depth and liquidity for the benefit of the investing public.
Companies desirous of listing their securities on the Exchange are required to fulfill the eligibility criteria for listing and shall comply with the SEBI (Issue of Capital & Disclosures Requirement) Regulations 2009.
Investment in public Issues/ rights issues
  Where can I get application forms for applying/ bidding for the shares ?
  Is it compulsory for me to have a Demat Account ?
   Is it compulsory to have PAN ?
  For how many days an issue is required to be kept open ?
  When do I get the allotment/ refund of shares ?
  How can I know about the demand for an issue at any point of time ?
  How will I get my refund in an issue ?
  When will the shares allotted to be listed ?
  How will I know which issues are coming to the market ?
  Where do I get the copies of the offer document ?
  How do I find the status of offer documents filed by issuers with SEBI ?
  Whom do I approach if I have grievances in respect of non receipt of shares, delay in refund etc. ?
Understanding Book Building
  What is book Building ?
  What is a price band ?
  How does Book Building work ?
  How does "cut off" option works for investors ?
  Can I change/revise my bid ?
  Can I cancel my Bid ?
  What proof can I request from a trading member or a syndicate member for entering bids ?
  What is meant by delisting of securities ?
  What is the difference between Voluntary delisting and Compulsory delisting ?
  What is the exit opportunity available for investors in case a company gets delisted ?
  Does a company listed at BSE/NSE have to provide exit offer to shareholders in case it delists from stock exchanges other than BSE and NSE ?