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Inherent in ICEL’s approach to business is a commitment to business integrity and ethical conduct. Maintaining our high standards requires more than simply issuing a statement of policy. It also requires the nurturing of a culture within the Company that is highly moral, with decisions and actions based on what is right, not simply what is expedient. Our business approach is designed to create superior value for all our stakeholders: shareholders, customers and associates. Our values are:

  • Achievement :
    ICEL promotes a culture of accomplishment. We focus not only on the desired results but also how well an individual sets goals and achieves standards of excellence. We concentrate on how people display an optimistic “can-do” approach in new and diverse situations and take repeated or different actions to overcome obstacles.

  • Accountability :
    Taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes is a way of life at ICEL. We promote a culture where individuals take ownership of their work and view their job as a stakeholder would.

  • Integrity :
    ICEL has flourished because we have earned people’s trust. Our heritage reinforces the need to safeguard our customers’ interests. We will be honest and reliable in all our dealings. We will work ethically according to professional and company values at all times

  • Innovation :
    We need to constantly improve and try to find new ways of doing everyday things in the workplace, from products to processes to services, to achieve our goals.

  • Knowledge :
    ICEL’s philosophy has been to encourage an environment that promotes and nurtures a culture of continuous learning. Knowledge indicates the extent to which the individual continues to learn and develop over time, shares the learning and encourages others also to learn.