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The Research Cell has been established in November 2005, with the objective of carrying out quality research on various facets of the Indian financial system in general and the capital market in particular. It has brought out a monthly publication titled ‘V SHARE” and a booklet entitled ‘Basics of Economics’. The Research Cell plans to expand its activities by publishing a host of value based research publications, covering a number of areas, such as equities, derivatives, bonds, mutual funds, risk management, pension funds, money markets and commodities. ISE Research Cell provides first time a unique service to its readers to get maximum expertise on stock market operation. Subscribers will get one year research support for their investment perspective and other queries related to stock market.

The ISE Research team broadly comes out with the Sectorial Research Reports and Company Research Reports. The Sectorial Report covers the aspects like history of the sector, its major classification, installed capacity, demand and supply trend, expected demand and growth of the industry in the India vis-à-vis world, export-import mix, government support and initiative for the sector, major players etc.

Equity Research Reports are focused on fundamental and financial analysis. It largely contains the business model of the company, profitability and growth history and trend, peers analysis, key ratios, future plans, capacities, SWOT analysis etc. By providing the factual analysis of the company and briefing the sector in which it is operating and the team comes out with the research report. The research reports do not feature any investment ratings or forward looking statements.

ISE Research Department publishes monthly business magazine 'V Share'. V Share is designed to widen and spread knowledge on Indian Financial system to the investors. The power of information and ability to synergize it has emerged as the key to success. To survive and thrive in today’s dynamic environment, executives and professionals needs to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. In the finance and investment space, our magazine acts as a one-stop-shop for the investment related opportunities. It is a reliable guide on prudent and systematic investments.

The magazine contents various areas which are briefly summarized as follow.

Cover story

It is a unique part of V Share. The topic address in this section is based on the current global scenario. This section covers the thorough study on the selected topic and its impact on various sectors / economy. Cover Story received appreciation and encouragement from its readers.

Capital Market at a glance

This section highlights various events in a particular month. It includes a data and news on Indian economy, Export / Import, FII/ DII/ FDI, Employment, Inflation etc. It also depicts the monthly performance of Global and Indian Capital Markets. It also covers the news and analysis of M & A / IPO etc. A brief study on a particular company / sector performance for a particular period is also a part of it.

Commodity Watch

This section covers the news, charts and analysis of major commodities such as Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Copper etc. It also includes the chart which depicts the performance of Multi Commodity Exchange Index in one month. The MCX Index includes the future and spot value of Comdex, Metal, Energy and Agri.

Research Reports

Research Reports contains analysis and views on company fundamentals including industry overview, company's business, profitability and competitive landscape. The research reports do not feature any investment ratings or forward looking statements.


The intention behind this section is to increase the public involvement. The interested writers gives us their articles on various topics which are related to Finance, Commerce etc. , which are being published in the magazine.

Data Share

This section includes Monthly Top Gainers and Losers on BSE (A Category), data pertaining to Currency, New IPO Listing, Forthcoming IPO, Bank Fixed Deposits, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on BSE and NSE, Global Economy etc.

Sectoral Dash Board

It includes the data of various industries and the companies pertaining to it. The data covers price information, financial information - yearly and quarterly and others.

Mutual Fund

At present, in the market over 6000 mutual fund schemes are available. Fund fact sheet section enables investor to find all the relevant information in a quick and easy manner. It gives the top 5 schemes in various category based on their 1 year return. It covers information such as NAV, asset size of the fund, performance, comparison with peers.

Mutual Fund Watch shows exhaustive study of a particular scheme on a particular date. It highlights the objective of investment, Scheme performance on a particular date, Top 10 holding and sector allocation.

ISE 100

This section focus on Large, Mid and small cap companies on NSE and BSE. ISE 100 provides the market data such as Face Value, Book Value, Latest Market price, Market Capitalisation, Volume, 52 Week High / Low, EPS, P/E, Beta, Return, Net worth, Net sale, PAT, Dividend etc.

Circular / Press Release

This section covers the news pertaining to SEBI, RBI, BSE, NSE and Commodity Markets in a particular month. It enables reader to aware about various changes in the capital market and other sectors.

Academic Corner

It is an educational section. It includes in depth study about certain topic. Knowledge works as a guide and empower the readers.

ISE Research cell tries to provide value added services for its readers and members. And hence it came up with the new product “Financial Markets in Motion”, which is daily newsletter. It covers round-up of Indian and Global Markets, Currency, FII / DII, Mutual Fund, Top gainers / losers on Nifty etc. It also covers major news pertaining to Corporate Mergers, Acquisition, Tie ups, Economy, Legal, IPO, FPO, NFO, QIP, Bonus and Right Issue etc., it also has one very informative piece called Knowledge corner, covering basic financial fundas on the capital and financial market.

On the similar line, research team also furnishes another daily report named “Techni Trade - Equities”. This report is a rational approach towards calculating equity prices of around 1500 listed scrips on NSE. A worksheet comprises of technical levels such as two support and resistance prices on daily basis.

Techni-Trade is a formula based unbiased data levels, under which a critical Value , Three Support levels and Three Resistance levels are provided based on previous day’s price.

These technical levels are provided for Equities (~ 1,500 listed scrips), Equity Futures ( ~ 650 listed scrips), Equity Options and Commodities. The report is being floated on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.

IPO Note

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) involve offering shares to the public for the first time, usually with a prospectus that details the investment offer. Prior to an IPO, enterprises that sell shares to investors are considered to be privately held. Prior to investing in IPO, it is imperative for investor to consider risks that have to be taken and returns expected. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly analyze the IPO in which investor is planning to invest. IPO notes assist in this regard. It covers the following aspects. Company background, Strengths, Weakness, industry analysis, Valuation, peer analysis, Purpose and usage of IPO proceeds etc.

MF Note

A mutual fund is a professionally managed type of collective investment that pools money from many investors to buy stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments and other securities. Each scheme of a mutual fund can have different character and objectives. Like companies conduct Initial Public Offer (IPO) to raise the capital to extend the company operations, New Fund Offer (NFO) is conducted by Assent Management Company (AMC) to raise the capital from the public. Mutual Fund Note gives an overview of a scheme, Objective, Fund Features, NAV Details, Scheme Performance for the past 12 months, Risk, Portfolio etc.

Bond Note

Bonds are the Medium or Long Term debt instruments issued by Public and Private Sector Undertakings. Corporates sell the bonds to the targeted investors at market determined interest rates. In order to attract the investors and increase liquidity, issuers get their bonds rated by rating agencies like CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, etc. Some of the issues may be guaranteed by Central / State Government enabling them to get a better rating. The bonds may carry call / put option. All this major information pertaining to the issued Bond is being covered under Bond Note.

Budget Note

It includes Union Budget, Railway Budget. Union Budget, which is a yearly affair, is a comprehensive display of the Government’s finances. It is the most significant economic and financial event in India. The Finance Minister puts down a report that contains Government of India’s revenue and expenditure for one fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from April 01 to March 31. The Union budget is preceded by an Economic Survey which outlines the broad direction of the budget and the economic performance of the country.

Economic analysis is a process whereby the strengths and weaknesses of an economy are analyzed. Economic Analysis can be done at a microeconomic as well as a macroeconomic level. Macroeconomic analysis makes an effort to reveal the various reasons behind a particular economic phenomenon like growth or reversal of the economy. For example, many countries in the world are plagued by rising inflation. Economic analysis enables to understand the reason behind rising inflation. It also evinces various modes through which the rate of inflation could be reduced, so that economic development could keep on. Economic analysis broadly consists of various issues pertaining to GDP, PPP, Inflation, IIP, Employment, Monetary Policy, EXIM, Capital Market, Financial Markets, FDI activities etc.

Datazone basically captures the major events occurring in the country, which has a significant impact on the capital markets, particular sectors and companies. This section includes the data pertaining to RBI Monetary Policy, Union Budget, Railway Budget, IIP data, Five year policy etc. as and when made public by the relevant authority.

It is an educational section. It includes in depth study about certain topic. Knowledge works as a guide and empower the readers. Thorough knowledge enables reader to take a wise decision. To name the few topics which have covered in this section are Inflation and IIP, BCG Matrix, SWOT & Porter Model, Valuation Approaches, Root Cause Analysis, Investment Analysis and Financial Investment, Stock Selecting Approaches etc.

A glossary is an alphabetical list of several terms in a particular domain of knowledge. A glossary contains explanations of concepts related to a certain term. This section includes glossary pertaining to Accounting, Financial and Technical etc.