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Registered Office
36A, Benkitinck Street
2nd Floor, Kolkata-700069
Tel :- 033-22483599,22481768
Email :-
Financial Results
Type of Results Download
Un-audited Results - 30.09.11
Annual report 2010-11
Unaudited results - Q3(2011-12)
considration of audited results year ended March 2012
considration of unaudited results Q3(2011-12)Brah
Audited Result - Q4 (2011-12)
Un-audited Financial Result Q3 (2010-11)
Financial Result Q2 (2010-11)
Un-audited Financial Result Q2 (2010-11)
Financial Result Q1 (2010-11)
Financial Result Q4 (2009-10)
Shareholding Pattern
Type of Quarters Download
Share Holding Patterns - 30.09.11
Share Holding Patterns - 30.09.11
Shareholding - 30.06.11
Shareholding Pattern Q1 (2011-12)
shareholding Patterns - Q3(2011-12)
Shareholding Patterns - Q4 (2011-12)
Shareholding Pattern Q4 (2010-11)
Shareholding Pattern Q3 (2010-11)
Shareholding Pattern Q2 (2010-11)
Shareholding Pattern Q1 (2010-11)
Shareholding Pattern Q4 (2009-10)
Announcements Download
Authentication of SCORES
Notice of AGM & BC
Notice of BM held on 12.08.11
paper cutting - 30.09.11
paper cutting Results - 30.6.11
Resignation of Director
intimation about BM - Q4(2011-12)
paper cutting about notice of BM
paper cutting of notice of BM 12.08.11
paper cutting of unaudited results Q3(2011-12)


Corporate Announcement

Corporate Announcement Download
Brahmanand Himghar Ltd has informed the exchange that the meeting of the board of directors of the comopany will be held at its registered ofice on Monday the 30th day of May, 2011 at 2.30 P.M to consider and approve the Audited Financial Results of the company for the year ended 31.03.2011
Corporate Governance Report
Type of Issues Download
CG- 30.06.11
CG - 30.09.11
CG - 30.12.11
CG- Q4 (2011-12)
Limited Review Report
Type of Issues Download
LR - 30.06.11
LR - 30.09.11
LR - Q3 (2011-12)
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit (SAR)
Type of Issues Download
SAR - 30.06.11
SAR- Q3(2011-12)
SAR- Q4(2011-12)